Mortgage Lending Services in Kingstree, SC

Serving All of Williamsburg County and the Surrounding Counties

When you are considering a residential loan, you will need to work with a reputable bank that provides mortgage lending services. At the Bank of Greeleyville, we can provide customers in Williamsburg County and the surrounding counties with mortgage loans, home equity loans, and other types of residential loans.

Top-Notch Mortgage Lending Services

Whether you are getting ready to buy a home, build a home, planning a remodel, or planning debt consolidation, a residential loan can help. At the Bank of Greeleyville, we want to make sure you understand all of the options available to you when it comes to your home.

We are an independent community bank, which means we will be able to offer you personalized services tailored to your exact needs.

Quality Customer Service

We have been family owned and operated since 1935, and our experience has impressed us with the importance of our clients and what they bring to our business.

We are known for our excellent customer service and strive to live up to that reputation. If you decide to apply for a loan through the Bank of Greeleyville, then we will make sure you receive the best treatment. We will cultivate a strong relationship with you and keep you informed as we guide you through every step of the mortgage lending process.

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If you are looking for residential loan services in Williamsburg County or a neighbor county, then visit the Bank of Greeleyville. Start by clicking the link below to fill out the residential real estate loan application, and then visit one of our two locations to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to discuss your finances and figure out the best loan option to fit your needs.

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